You're Invited!

January is the perfectly cold month to make my annual snowman cupcakes. Children adore them well before they sink their teeth into them.

For the locals, I invite you over to "make and take" on Saturday, January 31st at 10am. If you're interested, I'll assign you a simple accessory for the snowmen (i.e. beret, nose, eyes, etc.) to humanize your particular snowmen.

If you're not in state and still want to make these cuties for your family in honor of "Make a Snowman" Day, (especially my dear friends in sunny Florida and CA), check out Martha's rendition. Here's one of my favorite chocolate cupcake recipes if you're doing it on your own.

Email me your interpretation of the snowman cupcake and let the contest begin!

Have fun--start a new January tradition with your little ones.