yoga for congo women: carlisle, PA


{As people were arriving at the Carlisle Ribbon Mill}


Where do I begin... Friday night was a spiritual, uniting, emotional, and powerful night.


Wonderful family and friends helped so much.  People came from long and short distances to participate.  There was such great energy in the air.

And then it began.  Ann led us through one hour of yoga while sharing the horrific stories and their beautiful, hopeful endings of women in the Congo.  Perfectly, seamlessly, while we were totally in tune to our bodies, mentally cleansed, and spiritually uniting with each other and the women we learned about.

Perfect.  Absolutely perfect.  That is all that I have been able to put into words of the night.  We were all changed and empowered that night.  Congolese women will be empowered because of the people that came and participated that night.

When the evening ended, there were many emotions and few words said.  Everyone felt it.

Sacred and perfect.


At every corner of that beautiful building was goodness.  Handmade wares from African Refugees were being sold on one table while photos of the Congolese women that have been helped and sponsored through Women for Women International were arranged on another table.  I felt such a connection to these women in the Congo and women all around the world.


I was more quieter than usual this weekend.  It was as if I had witnessed something very holy.  And now, I'm faced with the ins and outs of everyday life, but with something unforgettable in my heart.  It is changing the way I see the world and the way I want to serve those around me.  Ann, my dear friend and founder of YFCW, has opened so many eyes, including mine.  How she lives her life is changing how I want to live mine.

To all of you who participated in Yoga for Congo Women this weekend, thank you.  Thank you for making it something powerful and personal.


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." —Margaret Mead


P.S: You'd better believe we're doing this again next year.