Yes, This is For Real

Well we've been out of our home and living with the Shifflers for a week today. The last couple weeks seem like the hugest whirl wind of events. Adjusting to a new place, a new house, is always more work when it comes to helping kids adjust while being fairly pregnant (and having Bobby gone on business!) But Bobby's mom and sister have been angels with carrying, lifting, changing diapers, etc.

Thanks to my thoughtful and concerned husband, he surprised me with this, which he calls, "the harness", to help support me the remainder months of my pregnancy.

I have to say, I tried it on the first day we moved in, and with all the emotions from the move and then seeing this hilarious contraption on me, I cried. It is the most inconvenient support system in the world, especially when you consider the frequency pregnant women rush to the restroom. But just as time has allowed our family to settle in to our temporary home, this odd but surprisingly comfortable thing has grown on me. (Literally.) All I can say is it is a good thing it goes under your clothing so no one knows the inner workings of 15 different straps--well, except now all of you know.

I'm at a point, being 27.5 weeks along, that my stomach is measuring the size of a 35 week old singleton mother. So the extra weight and discomforts are definitely here to stay. And the babies are around average, size wise: one is under (the less active one on the left) and one above (the crazy kicker on the right!) 2.5 pounds now.

More updates to come on the house search... pray these babies don't come too early!!!!