yellow days

IMG_4222 Good morning.  Can I tell you how relieving it is to have my husband return after 7 days of being away?  I still can't believe all that went on last week and my attempt to maintain sanity on my own.  All I can say is yellow days are ahead of me.  Sunny, April, daffodil days.

Now I'm trying to slow down a bit more and get back in tune with my children.  Let's see, Caroline's list of projects, Johanna's hidden picture pages she loves to work on sitting on my lap, so on and so forth...

IMG_4191 IMG_4135

One of Caroline's top 10 favorite things are markers.  So of course, she's always asking to use fabric markers on any piece of fabric scrap she sees.  She made a beautiful mural Saturday morning of a family going to church.  The mama had a child piggy-back on her while talking on the phone.  That must be me.

We came up with a way to enjoy her artwork and keep it functional.   A tote--one just for her to take to church.


Sunny yellow fabric was a must.  I simply turned to lining out over the bag's exterior fabric, pinned, and sewed.  And I used a scrap of my Granny's velvet ribbon for handles.  A little vinyl pocket inside and it was finished late Saturday night, in time for early church the following morning.  (Yes, four little girls, dresses, hair, snacks, activities, and all to have ready on my own.  We made it through the day.)


The only problem is that Johanna thinks it is hers.  She played "church" all afternoon with the tote in hand.  I think this means we'll be making another one really soon...



A few more special "yellow days" are on the horizon for the month of April.  The twins birthday and the Yoga for Congo Women event in 2 week!

For now, here are a few updates:

  • As of this weekend we've begun shipping to a new location in Sendai, Japan.  I'm thrilled about reaching out where there is so much need.
  • We are around 500 boxes being shipping to Japan from YOU wonderful readers!!!!!!
  • Because of the incredible response for boxes to go to Ishinomaki, the boxes will now be helping 2+ schools there instead of the one original school.
  • School begins for the children in Ishinomaki this Friday April 22nd.  So many boxes have arrived there with school supplies, clothing, and such that will be a great blessing for their beginning of the school year.


I am going to savor the breakfast I don't have to make this morning... Thanks, Bobby.


the sleepy time gal