writing notes


Two wonderful things: pen pals and sewing.


Can you tell which one Caroline is excited about??

Just earlier this week I had the idea of her beginning a pen pal with a little friend in Colorado and - lo and behold - she received a letter yesterday.  Great mommy-minds think alike, I believe.

Ironically I've been thinking a lot about writing myself these days.  I have fallen behind in good 'ol hand written notes to friends, and loved ones, and people that mean a great deal to me that don't hear it often enough.  Yes, there is a perfectly designed "thank you notebook" in Anna Maria Horner's Homemade Beginnings book, but it had too many steps for a quick sewing project I was needing yesterday.  It is cute, though.

So I happily turned to my favorite little velcro tote from [amazon_link id="B0073WTEG4" target="_blank" ]Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing for Baby[/amazon_link] book.  I've used this super easy tote pattern for many things - not just baby.



The fabric is Anna Maria Horner's LouLouthi Laminated Cotton.  I don't even know why I really needed laminated cotton - unless I'm expecting to write a lot of notes around the bath tub or pool.  Not at all, actually, but I just love this fabric.

I stuffed my writing tote with some notecards and envelopes.  I just need a pen - one of my pens - one of the pens I always buy and then find in little children's hands, scribbling.


My only regret is that the bolder fabric was all around the tote but quite sparse on the front.  That's why I added a button.


Today I hope to write.  No, today I will write.

Thankfully the sun is still bright outside my window, my husband has returned from business, and a new day awaits.

How is your Thursday looking?

the sleepy time gal