make a writing box

With the great innovations of the last century, pen and paper are seldom used in modern day correspondences. To sit down and write a letter means having the paper, pen, penmanship, and real thoughts to share. It means thinking through your thoughts before they are passed from mind to pen.

Write. And write some more, I'll tell my children. Write your thoughts and send them. Send a note, write a thank you, grow with a cousin miles and miles away through a personal letter.

This writing tray (which is a resurrected Amazon box) holds a stash of homemade cards, envelopes, stamps, and pen; everything all in one place to inspire writing.

Some of my favorite cards:

Sometimes emailing is too easy to communicate by. Too impersonal. At least in this household I want to spend some quiet afternoons writing, the old fashioned way, my feelings and actually using my mailbox for outgoing mail instead of just for bills.