wool and trim

IMG_5015 My girls have needed some winter dresses.  I recently decided it wasn't in the cards for me to make them.  You know, one of those things that somehow you've convinced yourself you should be doing as a good mother but in reality, you know there is no way time will lend itself to that.  (Or at least there are more important things I'd like to be doing with my quiet time.)


And what's better than the satisfaction of making your children's own clothing?  Your own mother doing it, with greater expertise and deep love for those who will be wearing them.

Being on the list of having something made for our children (of course my mother is all need based!) is very thrilling.  My turn was up.  My sister picked out the fabric and trim based on Tea's winter clothing collection that I love.  (Maybe because it is inspired by peasant life in Romania.)



I still can't believe how they turned out.  Wool, lined, pleated dresses made 30 miles away from a busy woman who loves her grandchildren.  What I think I love even more is seeing the expressions on the girls' faces, wearing something that feels special against their little bodies.  (How many lined dresses are manufactured now a days??)  Quite the luxury for a child.


I could hardly stand it yesterday seeing the gift they had for their "Gaummie".  With a little bit of encouragement (holding the bag of fabric scraps in my hands) they wrapped the remaining flowers from the yard in fabric and the envelope to their thank you card.


The happiness went full circle.

the sleepy time gal