with or without order


While some are getting healthier and others are just getting sick, there has been some time to flop down on the couch for sticker books and weaving with the healthier girls.  Whether myself or my children, sickness always makes me flop down on the couch when I would otherwise be running around in my usual rhythm.



Tuesday was a lousy day (a being-short-with-my-kids day) while yesterday was very much like heaven.  Yesterday I didn't take myself so seriously with everything I was behind in.  I decided to accept the disorder of every inch of my house and just join in the fun.  It is the exact opposite of how I handled things on Tuesday.

Note to self: Stop taking yourself so seriously!


The house remains scattered and cluttered and such, but I'll just take each room a bit at a time.  And break myself of this invisible deadline that lingers in the back of my mind.  For goodness sakes, I'm not entertaining anyone, my children are home with me everyday while I try to recreate order, and, anyway, it's the beginning of January.  I have the whole year to arrive at order.  Right???


Other items of business: I discovered a Snow Muffin recipe that I'm holding on to for the next real snow.  (I'll share the recipe once we make it!)   It has gotten so cold - at least for this Virginian girl living in Pennsylvania - that I've secretly starting turning up the thermostat one degree in the afternoons.  Any day now and I know Bobby will catch on and the whole mission will be compromised.

the sleepy time gal