...with my girls










I'd have to say that one of my favorite parts of being a mother is introducing my children to something in life that I love or enjoy.  There's been baking and sewing, art and organization, and most recently, running. 

These introductions aren't always planned.  Sometimes it is through simple observation that my children want to know the whys and hows to things they see mommy do.  (Ironically they've never been too interested in tidying up after watching mommy do it over and over again.)

So we've begun, just the three of us, to run together.  The other day, one daughter gave it all she had, the other was getting used to the coldness in her throat.  They learned to stretch that day.  They learned to stay in their lane at the track.  And we talked of greater goals to set together.  In the end, I honestly think they were the most excited about having me to themselves.


Just like the baking and sewing and other passions we (thankfully) share together, I dream of how I'd love to see things years from now.  Races run together, any of Caroline's many creative interests turning into something real at a young age, Johanna performing on the stage either through dance or drama, and so on.  Mothers see so much potential in their children because they know every part of them.  And yet, beyond the dreams of years to come is the sometimes over looked moment of now.  Oh, the now, with my girls wanting me by their side, won't last forever.  The now with my girls can be serious or silly or motivating, but years from now in retrospect, always precious.

We hit the track the other day with the sun going down.  They loved the feel of the track and the freedom to just go.  We didn't stay long but that didn't matter to any of us.  We were together, just the three of us.  That is really all that mattered.

the sleepy time gal