why we entertain...


IMG_2090 I find myself listening to more Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong when fall's overcast blanket of clouds linger outside and the house darkens earlier in the evening.  Listening to Autumn in New York right now hurts a little as we are canceling our trip to NYC that would have been next week.   We had so many plans, places to see and touch, things to taste and experience, and well, so much to explore for our fall family adventure.  Sadly, not the right timing.

Our annual Bake Off we host in our backyard is tomorrow.  Although I definitely am not in the kitchen testing recipes as much as I used to, the girls and I continue to find ourselves there every afternoon, concocting something new for our afternoon snack.  Pumpkin + bananas have been the themes for our concoctions lately.  I have a feeling pumpkin will somehow end up in what we bake up for the Bake Off tomorrow.



And now that I'm actually starting to get over this sickness, I can see all of the planning that goes into our month of October.

Thankfully, the girls and I love to entertain.  I don't know when it began in me--the desire to entertain--but it is quite strong.  It is so enjoyable that my girls love it as well.  We talk about details of upcoming events, foods, smells, sights, textures, and everything that makes gathering special and memorable.


Recently the girls helped put a simple but beautiful table setting together for a surprise anniversary dinner for their grandparents.  The girls were excited and giddy, writing menus, making signs for the front door (Anniversary Inn), and playing the parts as waitresses and, for Ainsleigh, the restaurant owner.

I think the candlelit dinner was something memorable for their grandparents but what the girls took away was something even more unique indeed: serving and making something special for others.

It cost no money, it didn't require a professional invitation or color coordinating props.  It was pure enthusiasm and love that inspired every detail and playing-the-part that night down to the post dinner entertainment.

IMG_2114 IMG_2120

I love simplicity.  I love celebrating with others.  I love that memories are created in these special moments of life when people come together to celebrate.... Something.  Anything.

But doing it together through gatherings makes the moments of life so much more beautiful.  It takes us away from normal life and spruces up, adds a vase of flowers, and says, "life is incredible with you along the way."


That is why I love to entertain.


the sleepy time gal