some down time

Last night I canceled plans with my sisters in town and mother to be at home and just have a slow evening.  I've been gone many nights lately and have been craving catching up with Bobby and doing something relaxing for me.

This polka dot dress happened last night, with a few minor mistakes that I 'm choosing to ignore--armholes always get to me.  This will be the pattern I use for the babies first birthday dresses--now that this pattern fits, I can move on to the really exciting two dresses.

There are some really fun owl fabrics (since it will be an owl themed party for sentimental reasons) out there online but now I'm thinking about making my own owl fabric for the dresses.  Maybe with paint and embellishments to the fabric I could create something original and personal for each of them.  Like a wearable piece of art--something really meaningful.

With all of that being said, we'll see what really happens.  Here I am daydreaming about sewing when I'm supposed to be costuming (paper, glue, and boas) the big girls for our first run of the Ugly Ducking.