whipping up color


Good morning, friends.  It is a little odd to not have made an appearance yesterday - a Monday.  Let's just say I've been fevering and sick and now some of my little ones are as well.

But more importantly, yesterday morning it was confirmed to Bobby and me that yes, indeed, I am carrying a singleton - not twins.  I am happy to experience a singleton again.  Baby was healthy yesterday - my first time seeing her on the black and white ultrasound screen - wiggling her wrists the whole time.

This weekend, before the fever hit (quite fast, too), the girls were supposed to tidy the basement for company that was staying overnight while I finished a little sewing project.  My side of the deal was completed, theirs on the other hand, well, let's just say we did the last minute push-everything-that-is-on-the-floor-to-one-side-of-the-room-for-company trick.  It works when you're sick and pregnant.

I made a little pillow for my girls' magazine chair.  The chair is a child's chair from IKEA that Daddy picked up for his girls around Christmas.  It is nestled cosily in a little corner with magazines - of course - and catalogs.   The cream colored cover needed a little something that had "kids" written all over it and was more inviting.


(The fabric is Echino's Patchwork Cheater Spring - not oilcloth - but the cotton/linen blend.)


Now there's a little bit of color in the magazine corner.  Color = happiness for this homemaker.

Speaking of magazines, do any of you subscribe to Cricket (ages 9-14), Spider (6-9), Ladybug (ages 3-6), or Babybug (ages 6 mos-3 yrs)?  I remember some portion of my childhood getting these wonderful literary magazines in the mail.  They have beautiful artwork and well written stories and poems to encourage the independent reader.  I'm looking forward to introducing these to my girls someday.

Do you have any magazine recommendations for kids?

the sleepy time gal