stop. inhale.

Every once in a while I hit a brick wall.  Things happen to be running smoothly and then, out of nowhere, I've forgotten how to enjoy the varying, constant moments of mothering four young children. I'm amazed at all of the women I know of that do what I do; day in, day out.  All of the mothers that give physically to young babies all day with meals, rocking, nurturing, to turn around and give emotionally to their older children.  All of the mothers who don't have a moment to eat meals seated or give their personal "free" time to reading to a child.  All of the mothers who sacrifice ease for what is better for my child. All of the mothers who give everything their own soul and body can give from the first cry of morning to the last child succumbs to sleep...

I receive strength from the sisterhood of mothers. You who are determined to make peace and joy along the way of motherhood, even in it's darkest hours.  I'm grateful I see that in so many of your blogs.

the sleepy (and more settled) time gal