what YOU are sending to japan...

{If you're just joining us for the "ship a box to Japan", read the first post for information to help.}

Word continues to spread rapidly about the school and town that many of you are sending your love and aid. (We are at 170 270 boxes now!!!) As more and more people around the web and around the world commit to sending a box, I receive more and more emails from YOU about your experience packing your box with your children, what you're sending, and photos.  I am very happy to share some of those today.   If you have a story to share, please share it in the comment section, upload a photo to the The Sleepy TIme Gal's flickr group, and/or link it to your blog.

One of my readers, Jocelyn, did something incredible with her children.  With their help, they repurposed thrifted pillow cases and made 10 little nap sacks.  Inside each nap sack was a hygiene kit, school supplies, socks, hair accessories, and small treats.

Jocelyn shares that her children were so saddened to hear about the suffering, lonely children in Japan, that they asked their mommy to be their mommy, too.

Thank you, Jocelyn, for teaching your children through giving of themselves.


Other highlights:

  • Christine is contacting Goody Hair Products to see if they will donate.
  • Sassy was in Japan when the earthquake hit and now wants a way to help the people there.
  • Many, many of you have emailed how uniting the experience has been to assemble a box together with your families.
  • Many of you are sharing the address for this town with close friends and churches and so our box total is actually MUCH higher.
  • Here is a photo from Mari of the box she and her family packed up and just shipped.  (Please send me YOUR photos!)
  • I'm hearing from more and more of you around the world.  Last night some of you from Colorado, Texas, Canada, Italy committed to sending a box.
  • Many of you sharing this on Facebook and through your blogs is the reason we 're reaching a larger audience.  Thank you!


I'd love to hear your story.  See your photos of the boxes you are sending, all from different locations around the world.   I'm super excited that Design Mom is sharing this "boxes to Japan" project on her blog today!!!!!  See here.


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