what we're exploring...


Every few months our direction of what we're  exploring changes, and like the wind, we follow its course.  Whatever happens in life and in our days usually spawns what the girls become interested in.  Finding milky quartz has led to quite the exploration of rocks and minerals which has led to volcanos, tectonic plates, and science experiments.  I introduced Caroline to [amazon_link id="0843107588" target="_blank" ]Mad Libs[/amazon_link], the perfectly fun way to introduce nouns, adjectives, and verbs, which has become a silly way to spend an afternoon hour together.

And then there is French. I came to love the French language in college and have happily watched the big girls learning basic counting and dance terms from ballet.  We discovered [amazon_link id="0746010494" target="_blank" ]First French at Home[/amazon_link] (an Usborne book which I love) which has introduced so many French basics terms in an exciting way.  We sit every afternoon and take a couple of pages at a time getting to know the made-up family in the book, their house, neighborhood, and likes.  Caroline has decided we'll all take a trip to France someday since she can say, "Je m'appelle Caroline" and "Voici la salle de bain".

We could use more phrases before we travel halfway around the world.

And then there is Johanna's fascination with Native Americans.  Have you ever read the real legend of Hiawatha?  We picked up a book published in the 70s about Hiawatha at a garage sale a while back and Johanna pours over every page, reliving the story.  That has led to learning about the Iroquois (his tribe) and the Sioux and so on.  I was startled to learn about the Sioux Indians who lived on the plains and followed the course of the buffalo.  For their survival and way of life the mother tightly cups the mouth and nose of her newborn baby every time she cries to train her not to cry.  Keeping silent was a needed skill on the plains during the many buffalo hunts.

How about you?  What are you or your children currently fascinated with that is leading your course of discovery??