What I Learned this Week

  • Family outing feeding ducks. Feeding ducks: 30 minutes. Getting out the door to feed ducks: 60 minutes.
  • My babies have become a bit more difficult and simultaneously, more lovable, this week.
  • Because of the twins new schedule, my only daily free time seemed to be returning overdue books and finally finishing this, painstakingly slow in pace. I've always got to make a little time for myself.
  • Lastly, I came to finally own my own life. After some hard days asking the Lord "How is it done, caring for these four?", He answered, not with words, but with others' actions--

Young girls coming to help while I rest, a meal, a mother doing my laundry and feeding a baby, a mother-in-law building my confidence, a husband making dinner for the 115,000th time, a friend babysitting for us to dine out, friends coming to share the burden... the list continues.

It takes a whole village to raise a child.

I've learned lately that I can do more than I ever thought possible, if I'm creative in my trials. But that only can go so far and for so long until I fall. And where I stop, you, my friends, have stepped in.

Thank you, thank you.