what are your traditions?


I know so many homes are bustling with the excitement of Christmas right now. The calendar is filling and many to-dos on the to-do list await to make this special season truly a month of celebration and tradition.

Last night we joined together and did one of our Christmas traditions, that of lying under the Christmas tree with only the lights of the tree glowing in the night.  Then we talk about Christmas, memories, hopes, and such.

I'm so inspired by so many of your Christmas traditions that I'd love to hear more.  Here are a few new ones for us this year...


{Not a fancy tradition, but doing most shopping online on cyber monday gives me the rest of the month to make and assemble presents.  This has definitely helped me be prepared early.}


{Gathering books about Christmas and winter and snow in a basket by the fireplace.  Reading seasonal tales has brought a lot of magic into our home lately.  This out of print book has proven our favorite.  And these:

The Story of Snow Children

Snowy Days: Stories ad Poems

The Christmas Book

The Longest Night

The Snowy Day

Humphrey's First Christmas}


(We're starting a tradition to bake up lots of Christmas loaves to give to neighbors and friends instead of last year's marshmallows or cookies. I'm also going to try my hand at homemade egg nog for the man in this house.  Okay, and me, too.}


What traditions are you continuing this year or are adding to your family's celebrating?  Please share so we can have an on-going list we can all be inspired from!


the sleepy time gal