what a picture can do

I recently filled the void on our long white wall.  The overwhelming painting was leaving the rest of the room feeling totally bleak.

Now I'm happy to have all of my little people in one place, spaced closely together on the wall.   A few nights ago I just sat and stared. One, because they still weren't perfectly lined up and two, because the reality that we have four children thus far in our lives was evident right there, in front oh me, on the wall.

This house is used to the abuse, the noise, the running (and crawling) around of four.  But now their faces on the wall make me smile every time I pass.

(Costco has the best quality and price, in my mind, for enlarging and printing.  Don't be afraid to go big.  Check on your computer first how your photos will look full size so not to be pixely.)

This photo I've wanted to have framed for a while.  Many of you remember this from the old blog--one of my favorite quintessential photos of childhood.

Surround yourself with the things that make you content and relaxed in your home.  Find photos that bring back memories and mean something to you.  Your space will become more of a living theater of life's moments than just a house to decorate.

the sleepy time gal