Welcome to Good Food

It is amazing what is considered "food" in our modern, western culture. Apparently anything that has a "nutrition facts" label slapped on the side of it counts as food. Funny, because some of those ingredient labels look like paragraphs of Greek to me. What is Maltodextrin and Disodium Guanylate and what are they doing in my stuffing? And when was the last time in, oh, the past 5,000 years, that you could simply "add water" to complete a chicken dinner for your family?

There seems to be a fundamental problem with how we're eating. We know that from the obesity, cancer, high blood pressure, depression, diabetes, headaches, etc., that plague our society. But what can WE do about it--we who are wanting to make changes, wanting to take responsibility for our family's health, growth, and potential to thrive and still savor food?

It is easy: go back to the basics. Eating food from the soil of the earth, eating from the animals of the earth. In my mind, anything that God put on the earth for my enjoyment, should be eaten in its truest, purest form, and greatly enjoyed with thanksgiving. My personal goal? Eat as if I live in the 1800s. Eat food to invigorate, eat what my hands have made, eat what I've toiled over. If my great grandmother wouldn't be able to recognize it, don't eat it.

I am on a quest to motivate people to take responsibility and become their family's own nutritionist. It is a surprisingly rewarding role to take upon yourself. Be prepared for one of life's greatest secrets...the absolute JOY of food.

Who's with me?

To good food!