weekend sewing



{"Super Zuby" cape for a little superhero's birthday}


{first sewing class for Caroline and a friend}


{stitching practice}


{sewing notes in sewing notebooks}


{homemade bias tape from Amy Butler's Soul Blossom}

IMG_6054 {a little baby project and tutorial to share tomorrow}

I find myself dreaming of sitting at the sewing machine throughout the day when I'm nursing or rocking Rowan.  And since he's become quite the difficult napper lately my time putting him to sleep means I've had quite a bit time to dream of sewing.

I recently made a new organizational board in Trello (the best task and organization app out there!) for my sewing.  Each day my projects seem to fill up in that particular board.  ( I keep the Sewing board organized with these headers: Sewing for Kids, Sewing for Others, Sewing for Me, Sewing for the House, and Sewing with Caroline.)  Between ballet rehearsals, get-togethers, and--rocking Rowan--I sat down to the machine throughout the weekend for brief moments here and there.

And boy, how it gave life to the worn-out-mama in me. :)

And now for the giveaway.   I've decided this morning to extend the giveaway one more day until midnight tonight because of the growing entries.  Tomorrow morning I'll reveal the winner!   You can still enter to win here and don't forget you can enter a second time if you share it online and write another comment that you did in the comment section.

 Good luck!

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