wee ones: dip dyed wooden blocks



Good morning, friends.

 I still consider Rowan a wee one, even if he is over one year old.  He is carried around like [amazon_link id="0689829531" target="_blank" ]Olivia's cat[/amazon_link] and scurries around all day on hands and knees.  He is still a little charmer to all of us.

I've had many plans and projects for that boy's room but they've all remained as just ideas.  Then one day when I was in a painting mood I thought I'd try something so easy that, from start to finish, I could have it done while the girls were at the store with Bobby.  And these faux dip dyed wooden blocks take seriously a few minutes to make.  My favorite kind of project, for sure.  And I love how they turned out: quite simple and modern.


These wooden blocks are made for decorating only but I'm sure there is a natural sealant that you could apply if you want your wee one to play and suck on them.  I knew these would be on his mini shelf over the changing table so I could experiment with other materials like glitter.  (Which, in the end, I didn't end up using in this space.)

dip dyed wooden blocks




wooden blocks (I had mine cut from a long piece of wood at Lowes years ago or you could buy them pre-cut)

a few different colors of craft paint


scotch tape



Since we aren't really dip dyeing these (which you could do but you'd use up way more paint in the process), decide how high you want the paint to come up each block.

1. Tape a straight line around all four sides of the block.

2. With a paintbrush, paint below the tape line on all four sides of the block.

3.  Let completely dry.

4.Reapply a second coat of paint and let dry.


5. Remove the tape.


6. Repeat with remaining blocks.

The bigger the blocks, the fewer you'll want to stack for decoration.  For my 4 inch wide blocks 2-3 stacked nicely.

Experiment with different paint combinations and textures.  For the gold glitter block I just painted the base a gold color and added glitter while the paint was wet.

And you're done!


If you're making these for a baby's room, a few colors including white adds a soft touch against the natural wood of the block, especially if your walls are white.  A little splash of color, a little natural warm wood, and a modern touch all combined.


{Thanks to the very sweet reader, Sharmila, who sent this beautiful Montessori mobile to Rowan before he was born.  She has lovely things at her shop, Topponcino n More.  And do you remember the homemade cloud on the shelf?  Does this look familiar? :) }

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