wee ones: homemade bias tape washcloths



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I have a little wee ones baby tutorial this morning for you that is a nice, simple, weekend sewing project.  These homemade bias tape washcloths are so nice for babies beginning to eat solid food, for bath time with baby, or as a baby shower gift.  Come see how they come together...


homemade bias tape washcloths

you'll need:

  • natural or white terry cloth (found at any fabric store)
  • 1 inch double fold bias tape (or homemade bias tape)


for homemade bias tape:

  • 1/2 a yard of decorative cotton fabric
  • one inch bias tape maker (found at any fabric store)
  • iron


Cut your terry cloth into 11 x 11 squares.  Set aside.

If you're making bias tape, lay your fabric out in front of you.  The whole idea of bias tape is to cut on the bias, meaning on a 45 degree angle.  For these washcloths, you are wanting to cut 2 inch strips on the bias.  With a long quilter's ruler,  place it on the fabric on the 45 degree diagonal and begin cutting 2 inch strips.

Once you have a handful of strips, piece them together.  (Here is a great bias tape tutorial that shows how to piece the strips together to create one long strip.  I forgot to take a picture of how to piece the strips!)  You will have one long piece of a fabric strip.


Once you have your long strip, pull out your handy bias tape maker.  Simply insert one end of the fabric strip into the bias tape maker and pull it through.  As you gently pull the fabric through it will actually create two folds on both sides of the strip.  With one hand pulling on the little handle of the bias tape maker, your other hand will iron the fold you just created!  Magic!

Now all you have to do is turn what you just created--single fold bias tape--into double fold bias tape.  Simply fold the bias tape one more time (both folds you just created will now be inside a new fold you create with your iron).  It should look like this:


Isn't it beautiful??  Now you can wind it around some cut cardboard and you're done!

Once you have your bias tape and cut terry cloth you're ready to assemble.


There is no pinning necessary.  All you're doing is inserting each side of the terry cloth into the double fold bias tape as you sew all four sides.  When you come to the end, the last side, just cut the bias tape 3/4 inch longer than the end of the terry cloth and tuck it in before you finish off the end.  That is it!


Each washcloth should take a minute or two to whip up.  So making a nice stack of four or five washcloths comes together very fast.  (The more time consuming work is making the bias tape.)


Wouldn't these be pretty wrapped up for a new mama?  Or wrapping up some of your homemade bias tape as a gift??


These washcloths are both simple and functional.  Both I like.


And Rowan likes playing with his washcloths as much as he likes eating them. wee ones baby series:

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