video: what kids learn through creating


IMG_2776 SO much learning can happens with our kids every day when we simply inspire them.

Yesterday morning we had table time and I brought out art supplies, art paper, and, something new.  


If you saw on Instagram yesterday (find me here), I'm in the process of making over our less functional "art room" for something better.  In the early morning I began filling a box with tattered and unexciting childrens books during the room makeover.  I let the kids use the too-worn-to-donate childrens books for any creative project they could imagine.  You would have thought I just announced free chocolate cupcakes for a lifetime or something by their initial surprise and then total excitement!

And their creations were even more spectacular than I could have imagined.

Skills my 6 year old girls mastered from one morning of creating:

  • tape rolling to create double sided tape
  • making water + powdered tempera paint to get the right consistency paint
  • how to compensate for too much powdered paint to water
  • delicate, detailed cutting
  • multi-medium, collage layout
  • coming up with a system to take turns with the best pair of scissors
  • creating a unique story for their particular project
  • checking in with me on how to spell particular works for their project


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I like to put supplies out, maybe suggest a few ideas and then step back.  They hear me remind them often while I'm in the kitchen or elsewhere to let me know if they need my help.  And then their real work begins.  All of my kids start at the table and sometimes their ideas lead them to gathering supplies from other rooms or merging their creative work on the table with some creative play elsewhere.



Here's a cute little video segment of Annabelle + Ainsleigh's intense work at the table.  My favorite is Ainsleigh's focus as she masters rolling tape--all on her own!


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