food and the home


I tend to focus on one major category of my role as homemaker at a time.

One week it may be fulfilling sewing projects, another week it may be cleaning and organizational tasks.

Do you know what it has been recently?

Food. Adding excitement and variety to what we eat day in, day out.


Muffins have been made upon Bobby's (persistent) requests.

New dinners that we all love.

New dinners that none of us want to eat.

Experimental crackers.

Whole grain peanut butter cookies.

Watermelon lemonade.


Oh, how exciting eating is once again when there is something new and tasty, and sometimes, even risky to try. The process of the new and different is almost more fulfilling for me than the most exquisite flavor out there to be discovered.  The process is where I find myself doing, with my hands, what I always imagined a mother/homemaker would do: knead, saute, stir, sift, decorate, and beautifully present her work on a plate or platter.



The new variety in our baking and cooking keeps the excitement of our baking day lingering throughout the week.  The magic lingers as there are more moments, more opportunities for little people to climb upon chairs to see what mom is whipping up.



The preliminary steps in cooking matter more, as well.   The afternoon my girls spent flipping through cookbooks to create their "dinner menu wish list" (and one dessert each) or recipe hunting set the stage for a creative week in the kitchen.  (Don't you love the African tote I use at the produce stand down the street?  I bought it at the Yoga for Congo Women event in April from the table of African Community Center wares. African refugee women in Colorado make their wares to sell--I was so happy Ann brought these women's beautiful wares to be sold.)


All of the details matter when feeding one's family.  The beginning in the planning all the way to the very last detail of presentation.  Usually our table settings have been literally tossed on the table by my six year old or four year old with the only addition of the water pitcher in the middle of the table.  But there are those times when the table just has to reflect the work and love that went into the meal.  And those are the meals that bring a certain sense of pride and pleasure for the homemaker.

For these are the homes we are making, where variety always adds a smile to the partakers and a sense of fulfillment for the maker.


If you want to try something in the "new things loved" category, try these homemade flour tortillas.  (I made the whole wheat variety.) They aren't exactly new, but have been forgotten for a while.  Sometimes adding variety simply means digging up great recipes that have been buried for a long time.


This is the first of a week's worth of Food and The Home series of posts.  See more of the series here.

Bon appetit!


the sleepy time gal