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Our annual valentining always begins with a trip to our favorite local candy shop.

 I like to seek out something slightly unusual to go along with our valentines.

IMG_3432 - Version 2

These big gummy hearts won.

We used some mini baggies leftover from a project years ago (that were shoved in the back of my cupboard) to hold the gummies.

IMG_3464 IMG_3443

And the mini baggies slid perfectly into these mini envelopes my sister had no use for and passed down to us.  (I love when people give us leftover supplies!)

Can you tell the girls enjoyed decorating each mini valentine??

 I loved how unique each little mini envelope turned out.  Some with glued hearts, others with ribbon and stickers.

And others, still, with personalized messages.


 Caroline, who always is the last at the table when a project is present, made paper valentine jewelry for the upcoming day.

Now that we are (better be!) well, we've got a lot of living to catch up on this week.  There's laundry and baking and a valentine party and learning and planning to do--all perfect things to do at the start of a raining February week.


Here are a few of our favorite valentines and valentine projects over the years:

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Good morning, Monday!

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