valentine's day: watercolor garland


Thanks for all of the excitement yesterday for our home feature and interview on Design Mom.  If you missed it, you can read it here.

Do you own any nice, thick watercolor paper?  And how about real watercolors?  These are probably the best investment in terms of artwork for you and your kids.  I inherited my Dad's watercolors and try to always keep a nice watercolor pad on hand.  But used, real watercolors can be found at yard sales, grandmas' attics and such.  So look around.

We had a watercolor day recently and everyone was involved.   The twins felt so privileged.


I showed the girls how to create a watercolor wash by using really watered down reds and purples.  Johanna's paper was sopping wet while Ainsleigh and Annabelle kept forgetting to add water to make the watercolors actually paint.  Oh well, they really didn't mind.  They knew this was totally exciting.


I punched holes and Johanna threaded the hearts with a needle and baker's twine.  At this point in the process the twins were ready for a new activity (which they fought me on) like doing anything else in another room, away from the watercolors.  That is right about when "snack time" saves me and distracts them.


Everyone's hearts turned out beautifully and unique which looks wonderful threaded so closely together on the garland.  Ainsleigh and Annabelle still talk about it, "My hearts!  Look, Mommy, My hearts!"

Do you decorate with anything special for Valentine's Day?  

the sleepy time gal