valentine's day: homemade stickers


It goes without saying that we've been a little busy creating this week.  Do I need to remind you that I still don't have a car??  Well, a car that fits all of my kids.  That means finding ways to not go crazy at home for the second week.  I do what I can--we escape as a family from time to time by taking two cars places.  No worries, though, I should have it tomorrow and hopefully for our planned trip to N.C. this weekend. (Cross your fingers!)

Homemade stickers.  

My good friend, Lynn, told me about a recipe for making stickers a while back and it has been on my mind lately.  I thought it would be the perfect hands-on valentine gift to make and personalize for a bunch of little people who, I'm hoping love sticking stickers everywhere.  (Sorry moms that know what's coming.)


Aren't these stickers so beautiful?  AND they actually stick!  (Those are my little globes-- I know I should be pointing out my kids' stickers, but I was pretty proud of myself.)


Homemade Stickers

  • 2 parts Elmer's glue
  • 1 part vinegar
  • 1 part water
Combine and mix.


  1. I punched a ton of 2 inch circles out of white cardstock.
  2. Let your kiddos create: colored pencils, paints, glitter, etc.


3.  Brush a thin coat of your sticker solution on the back of your round circles.  Let them completely dry.

IMG_4547 IMG_4552

4.  Decide which stickers are too special to give away.  I kept two that Annabelle made of pastel scribbles.  I'm going to stick them on something of mine, not sure what.  And, of course, that big beautiful red heart from Caroline.  That would be perfect inside the cover of my journal.

And your stickers are done!  Aren't they so cool?!

Imagine the possibilities:

  • punching circles and making stickers from old artwork that is just lying around.  See the pretty pastel, swirly stickers?  They are from our marbled paper we made a while back.
  • making stickers as a birthday party favor or making them at a birthday party for kids to take home.
  • gluing buttons, lace, ribbon, and such on the stickers to make them 3D.
  • punching out circles of photos!!!!!  OK, I want to try that.  Photo stickers!


{The big girls helped me pick these out at our favorite candy shop downtown, Georgie Lou's.  It is the coolest shop ever.}


{Johanna posing for the camera.  She's taken over Caroline's role of always ending up in front of the camera.}

IMG_4569 IMG_4582

So, a few candies, 5 stickers in a bag, and a little tag.  If you make your own stickers for Valentine's Day, you can download my labels here.

These are really fun, cheap, meaningful valentines--just what I like.


What do you think?  You're in love with my globes, aren't you?  Come on, admit it.

Try them out this weekend!  You've got everything you need to make 'em.  I dare you--I want to see yours.

the sleepy time gal