using the other side of my brain


Thankfully I have a good quilting friend - good friend and good quilter - that has been helping me along the journey of a homemade twin bedspread for Johanna.  She's always helped me with quilts I've made over the years.  I told her I wanted to make the easiest quilt so big fat squares sewn together would suit me just fine.  ( Johanna's roommate, Caroline, already has a large square block quilt for her bed.)

Some of you asked about my fabric selection for this quilt.  I found the most beautiful fabric bundle --it is Pat Bravo's Sunkissed Summerlove half yard bundle.  (I bought it at but the bundles are selling out fast everywhere, including fabricworm.)  Johanna wanted pink in her quilt and I wanted there to be some hints of the blue I painted her headboard.  This bundle was perfect.


All of my squares are cut out thanks to my friend's nice tools she let me borrow to measure and cut.  (My rotary cutter is uncomfortable and dull and my quilting ruler is the wrong size.  Of course, I didn't consult her years ago when I bought these.)

Four dresses are behind me and now I can start to think about the task ahead of me.  I definitely do not have a quilter's mind, all of the math and accurate measuring that must take place.  So projects like this take a lot more discipline from me than I'm used to putting out.  I'd much rather let the perfect little squares sit prettily on the table like they have for a week while I enjoy coming up with creative ways to use the scraps.

Do you have a quilter's mind (more mathematical) or are you a make-it-as-you-go kind of sewer?

the sleepy time gal