updating the writing box...


When I get around to it, I like to keep the writing box stocked with inviting notecards for not only my writing girls but for me.

There have been so many moments over the past year that we've captured through photography that we, in turn, turn into notecards.  Many Sunday afternoons the girls and I spread out the pile of notecards to find the perfect one to send to a friend.


 Sometimes the card themselves inspire the writing.  Johanna writes "Jo" and draws enormous faces and is usually on to the next card.  Caroline's writing can become quite thorough.  Some are thank you cards while others are written to distant friends and cousins.  I can't wait until we're ready for a pen pal.


The writing box itself usually sits ready to be used, with stamps and pen.  But usually, it is used as a family afternoon event.



I could sit for hours just browsing through the memories from the past year, via notecard.  It feels much more functional than printing photos and stuffing them in a photo book.  (Although I wish I did that, too.)


There is something thoroughly satisfying about communicating with a pen and paper over using the internet sometimes.  What about you--what do you love to handwrite?


the sleepy time gal