up close

{For you email subscribers to the blog, you got yesterday's post unfinished and unedited in your email.  It published before it was finished.  Ha!}


Up close: Beeswax crayons really shouldn't be called "crayons."  They are so much like oil pastels without the mess.  We just discovered them and love them.

I spent a good part of yesterday telling Ainsleigh to stop taking the paper off the crayons.  So she started hiding while doing it.  And breaking a few.  This is the same child I caught cutting her own hair (and blaming her twin sister standing across the room).

[amazon_link id="B004JA7M4E" target="_blank" ]These[/amazon_link] are great beeswax crayons if you're looking for a new art medium with kids.


Up close: I kinda forgot to make valentines for my own girls and husband.  There's always time to write little love letters on red and pink paper.  And breakfast in the shape of a heart, I guess.


Up close: Thank you, Bobby, for the berries.  Although the card read, "Can't wait to see you this weekend!  Love Donna and Dennis", (a mix-up in cards from the berry company) I bet your card probably read, "to the sweetest wife in the world!" or something catchy like that.  Either way, I ate all the berries.


Up close: I like to put anything I can in jars.  Leftover sticker glue?  Why not?  Bobby gets a tiny bit frustrated over the entire shelf being dedicated to random jars in the pantry.  I'm still looking for a way to use my little glass spice bottles.  Ideas?

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