up close



Up close:  Did I ever tell you that I'm pretty sure these gals are mirror image twins?  It can only happen with identicals and they are as identical as you can get.  (Mono-mono twins.  It means they shared a placenta and a sac.  If the egg would have split any later they would have been siamese twins.)  Their parts on their heads are opposite.  One is left-handed the other right-handed.  This leaves me to believe their major organs, like their hearts, are mirror opposites as well.

Figures-- they'd plan something like that before coming to earth.


Mirror image or not, one likes my cookies, the other does not.  One loves to take the other's toy, the other will cry and chase.  But they are always best friends at the end of the day.


Up close: I remember learning how to wear a headband.  There is a definite skill in pushing it back with all the hair contained.  She's getting better.  She deals with me constantly adjusting it.  At least she likes my cookies.


Up close: I just stayed up until 2am this morning working on something special (Ok, an interview) all about our home.  I don't want to give away too much, but it has taken all of my free time this week to prepare.  I thought I'd tell you like I'd tell a close friend.  You'll be the first I'll tell when it is posted on this pretty incredible blog.

P.S. I ate too many cookies.

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