united states cupcakes: part 1


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{the states are made out of vanilla royal icing.  outlined, allowed to dry hard, than flooded with thinner royal icing.}

The fourth of July dessert is always our contribution.  Swimming and BBQ-ing at the in-laws and our patriotic dessert.  It's a tradition.  

I've done the usual.  Red, white and blue trifle, flag cake, flag cookies and so on.  This year I wanted us to make something unique and representative of what we know and are excited about with our nation.  Gettyburg's 150th anniversary kind of next door? Yellowstone and someday a road trip across the U.S.?  The [amazon_link id="0805068317" target="_blank" ]Scrambled States of America[/amazon_link] book we keep checking out?  The Founding Fathers?  Their love of the American Revolution??

Then it came to me: the states.  The dessert had to be, literally, about America's states.

With our puzzle and atlas close at hand, we traced the states we liked most of all (or at least are the most iconic and meaningful to us).  My littlest people got frustrated and so we'd trace together.  And many a-warnings were given about not touching the outline(!).

Cupcakes are to come topped with our oh-so-politically-accurate states.  (Have you figured it out yet?  Blue for liberal states and red for conservative states.)

Caroline's already decided she's eating the Utah cupcake since she was born there and Daddy gets big 'ole Texas since he wants to live in Austin some day.  So that raises the question: Do I eat Washington where I was born or Virginia where I grew up?  Or better yet Alaska since I think it turned out the best??

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