tutorial: powder shaker


This is the most random tutorial, isn't?  A powder shaker??

I was so giddy when the idea finally came to me because I've been stumped about how to get the right amount of powder into my hand.  And the powder shaker turns out to be pretty.  Even better than I was hoping.

Do you remember the homemade lavender baby powder I made for my girls last year?  It is such a dream to use.  Well, a friend is having her first girl and I thought she might enjoy the feminine fragrance and silkiness of the powder as much as I have for her little girl.  Lavender oil, crushed lavender petals--if you haven't tried making it, you'll be smitten and look for ways to use it yourself.

This is how I stored our powder which was nice, but you had to take off the cork and carefully eye the right amount of powder into your hand to then use.  Kind of a pain.  Especially when you're probably using it on a squirming child in front of you.  Timing is of the essence in these situations, wouldn't you agree??

I came up with a more practical, useful way to get the powder out: shaking it out!  As you can expect, the strip of burlap is where the powder shakes out.  Burlap has the perfect size holes for the powder to pass through.  The fabric lessens the powder flow and looks pretty.  And all inside a small mason jar!  So here goes:


a powder shaker


baby powder

small mason jar with screw-on lid

2  2 x 4 inch fabric scraps (cut with pinking shears)

1  2 x 4  inch burlap scrap

You want to sandwich the burlap scrap in between the two fabric scraps.  So sew the long side of the burlap and the long side of one fabric scrap together with less than 1/2 inch seam allowance.  Do the same on the other long side of the burlap to the other fabric scrap piece.

This is what you'll have above.  On the underside, trim closely to the burlap since the extra bulk will, in the end, make the twisting of the lid more difficult.

To keep the burlap from fraying, stitch a seam on both exposed ends of the burlap.

Now you're set to start screwing the lid on!  Lay the fabric/burlap piece onto the jar of powder.  Eye it so it is lays evenly all around. Now screw the lid on.

You now have a refillable powder shaker!!

If you've made the powder (and the recipe does make quite a bit), the powder in a shaker turns out to be a really nice baby gift.  I'm excited to make a different, less feminine baby powder later this month for little baby ____.  Still no name for him, but at least I'll be able to shake powder all the day long on his little bottom!

the sleepy time gal