trying again...



Yesterday was a rough day.  A really rough day.


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You wouldn't be able to tell from the pictures, would you?

To start off there was a homeschooling activity on top of a mountain overlooking our beautiful Cumberland Valley.  Waggoner's Gap Hawk Watch was the precise location, a rocky spot where great birds are spotted, counted, and recorded daily.

Some activities/events/trips/outings/days just don't work the way I plan.  There I was, baby on back, camera (with my heaviest lens) in bag, both hands helping my twins over rock after rock of climbing while I was trying to keep my own balance.  And that was just getting to the top after 20 minutes of looking for parking! I'd bore you with all of the unsuccessful details that continued that day, truly I would.

After the whole activity (and heading back to the car early), I drove home so frustrated.  

After a long day of sorting through other things that weren't working in the day, the day came to a close.   I sat on my bed adding to my ongoing list of "things that are working" and "things that aren't working".   While every part of me wanted to only add and fill the latter list, I realized there were things to add to the first list.  We are making progress, this family of ours, even though some days I want to throw in the towel.  We are changing, making adjustments, discovering what works and learning from it.  Isn't that everything I want my children to know and understand about life?  To learn from your mistakes, to evaluate, make adjustments, and make real progress and find fulfillment in life??

This Thursday is a new day.  It has been a happy morning.  Rowan has been saying "hi" on cue from the girls, laundry is caught up from our trip, and we're excitedly getting ready this morning for our annual apple picking trip over the mountain.

I feel peaceful, hopeful, and grateful to have a new day to try again.  

the sleepy time gal