Trip to Rochester, NY

Despite the tired, disgruntled children in the photo, Bobby and I were happy to of finally arrived in upstate NY for Meredith's wedding!

Meredith looked fabulous! And she was surprisingly as calm as a cucumber for it being her wedding day.

All of the colors she and Curtis chose for the wedding were fitting for fall. (Especially for on this blustery fall day!)

This is the Palmyra Temple where they were married. It is small, quaint, and beautiful.

The girls checking out the grounds.

It was great--instead of having a wedding cake, Meredith and Curtis asked a couple friends and family to bring a cake for everyone to enjoy. Then they were decorated with her flowers. We brought the one with the hazelnuts on top. Bringing a cake 6 hours in a car is another story!

We were thrilled to see Tiffany and Jeff there, too. Caroline wanted Jeff to watch her everytime she was on the dance floor.

And of course, Daddy and Caroline taking the cake down!

Talk about moves! I need her to teach me...