--Every morning Johanna gathers her miniature items from right inside the front door and takes them outside to set up her fairy home in front of the entrance to a real bunny hole.  Every day new items can be found there: recently blue construction paper ponds and a fire.  It is something brilliant to witness.

--I've recently gotten over a dehydration migraine from last week.  I'm amazed at the slow process to feeling 100% better again.  I've had quite a bit of time to think and be grateful for my usual good health.  And now that I'm fully well I hope to do some of the items on our list of summer activities this week.  This particular week: beach towels and sandals for the upcoming birthday girls' American Girl dolls, a twig fairy harp per Johanna's request, and a few more "meetings" with the twins to talk about the exact same (but still exciting) details of our annual beach trip coming early September.

--And then there's Rowan.  Rowan.  His little toddler self is changing, experimenting with new things, and requiring an open-minded, creative mother to help him through this exciting/difficult stage.  Thankfully, as I'm sure you know, the challenges never surpass the absolute cuteness and sweet toddlerisms that make a mother head over heels for her child.

I hope you feel the same optimism and promise to this new week!

the sleepy time gal