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{Beginning to eat on the back porch more which means actually pulling out a tablecloth.  Last night: salsa shredded chicken taco melts (totally random and made up but everyone devoured them.)}


For a pizza night recently we tried the All Day I Dream About Food blog's recipe of Deep Dish Sausage Pizza.  (It's one of my favorite food blogs in case you're wondering.)

It is an excellent gluten-free pizza crust recipe.  And it is a low carb crust (it calls for some almond flour, unsweetened unflavored whey protein, and a little coconut flour) with lots of flavor and a nice bite to the crust.

And it was my first time learning how to make a deep dish pizza: you put the meat and cheese down first before the sauce as to not make the crust soggy.  Brilliant!



Here's one more recipe to share (this one I created): this healthy chocolate + cream dessert sandwich.  

When Bobby was out of town recently and we were wanting a little something sweet one night I came up with this beauty: grilled gluten-free bread (or substitute your own bread--I actually used a low carb wrap for me) with a few dollops of cream cheese + dark chocolate melted inside.  Top with another slice of grilled bread.


It's low sugar and sweet enough when you use dark chocolate.  And it's nice and filling for adults + kids alike without being loaded with sugar.

We actually didn't have any dark chocolate--either in chip form or bar form--so I just melted down some of our [amazon_link id="B005CUKWGU" target="_blank" ]Hershey's Unsweetened Baking Bars[/amazon_link], added a little milk to a pan, stevia + salt, mixed until warm, and we had our own dark chocolate sauce.


Happy cooking and baking in your home this weekend.  I hope you make some time to relax with your family and enjoy good food together.


Go out + live boldly!

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