this is the moment...

Usually when Caroline sees me working on something, she wants one too.  She sees a lot of personalized towels made for wedding gifts and such, so has been asking for one for her kitchen.  Well why not, she and Johanna have tea-water tea parties almost daily (and almost daily the water gets out of hand).

I decided this is the moment.  The moment I've been eagerly awaiting, when I feel like not only is she ready, but she's interested in really sewing.

She pressed, with my help.

She pinned, happily choosing every colored pin her little heart desired.

She listened carefully as I gave instruction over and over again about where to place her hands, where the foot was, and how to backstep.

She learned the rhythm of the machine as I used the pedal and she was responsible for easing the fabric through.

And then she got to personalize it and sew a steady seam once again.

She was ready.  I can't believe she is ready.

This is the moment I've looked forward to: mature, curious, attentive, and once given the chance with teaching, she flourished.

What is your love that you've wanted to share or have shared with a child?