thinking of babies

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I've been thinking a lot about babies lately.  I would normally be expecting at this point (based on the age of my twins) and ready to deliver by now.   Although I am not finished having children, imagining a newborn alongside my toddler twins (and big girls) sounds extremely daunting right now.  (Plus I can't imagine grocery shopping with one extra person.  Let's see, wearing a sling, pushing a double stroller, putting groceries under the stroller, and my big girls walking alongside...)

But creating a shower for a friend makes me dream about those magical weeks before baby is born and anticipating meeting your child...


I believe I'm becoming less and less of a frilly party thrower these days.  So I came up with a little boys table centerpiece just by combining our classic books, wooden cars, wooden blocks, and handmade animals to some balloons.  I wanted a simple centerpiece that reminded me (and everyone else) about the memories that would be made with the new baby and mama.


I made one of our family favorites: kettle corn.  You simply cook your popcorn in a little oil and sugar, and this time, I added pecans to the pot which are caramelized.  After you pour  the cooked popcorn onto a pan to cool, I added dried cranberries.

Then I put them in individual cupcake liners for easy pick-up. IMG_1091

I've recently started making simple pieces of artwork for the new baby's room to give away at the shower.  I knew this baby had a blue room with a teddy bear theme.  It is simple and soft and exactly what I was needing to create last week--remember?

It really is amazing how the desire and readiness develops in a woman to have a baby.  It has been growing little by little for me lately.

How about you?  How do you feel when you're ready to have another child?  Peace, baby hungry, excitement?