free thinkers


I want my kids to be able to think creatively, freely.

I worry sometimes that children use their minds too little in problem solving and in how they see the world.  A newspaper article talked about how children graduating from high school are thinking less and less for themselves and mostly know only how to "follow the rules" given by authorities.    The writer went on to say that non-independent thinkers won't lead to new inventions, new businesses or new ideas.

I think about this often.  Sometimes I have a tendency to expect my children to understand a concept or idea the way I was taught--the traditional way.  When I stop myself from wanting them to think like everyone else, then I can see how unique my child might actually see the world.  And then, if I am patient, I see how incredible a child's mind works, if we leave it alone.

I'd love to hear-- Do you see this in your child?  Do you seen the wheels turning in their head as they solve problems on their own?  Do you see how it builds their confidence?

the sleepy time gal