a few things...



Good morning!  Thank you for all the feedback and excitement for the Low Carb Kids series.  I can't tell you how much experimentation/baking/cooking has gone on in this house to find simple, tasty, and various snacks and meals for my children and the whole family.  It means a lot that the work and effort is going beyond our table.

Here are a few things that are quite inspiring to me at the moment.   The one who gets through them all wins!

  1. My dear friend and unschooling mom, Ann Richmond (the woman behind Yoga for Congo Women) shares this awesome bio about the man and his unschooling childhood: Famous Unschoolers: Ansel Adams
  2. An exceptional presentation by renowned Swedish doctor Andreas Eenfeldt: The Food Revolution.   If you can just make it to the 7 minute mark you'll be really glad you stayed.  And the whole video??  A million fold.
  3. I love this.  A young unschooling boy sharing his thoughts on a TED talk on why Making a Living Instead of a Life, as we're taught in our society, is not getting us to happiness.
  4. Making beeswax candles are so fun.  We just made some mini birthday candles for this year's birthdays.  We got ours here but you can also find them here  on Amazon and its Prime.  It is a wonderful, indoor winter activity.


Have a great Thursday.

the sleepy time gal