there is a light

IMG_9709 Life has felt different this week.  I am choosing faith, being proactive, and accepting personal responsibility for my own happiness.  It has taken the past few months of frustrating health challenges and subsequently, frequent, daily moments of doubt and hopelessness to bring me to this exact moment I am in right now.

Desperate for change.



A couple of experiences have brought me to this point recently.  All of the experiences have each brought light into my life, pulling me further and further away from the unproductive fear I had been holding on to so tightly.  As if fear is comforting at all.  In the moment, it somehow appears to be the easiest thing to hold onto.

But the light--the light of hope, change, choosing solutions instead of remaining stagnant--feels incredible.  It takes you onto higher ground and fills you with optimism, peace, and excitedly, the remembrance that you are in control, not your circumstances.


Ironically, we have to step into the darkness, the unknown, to experience that light in our lives.  I'm relearning to do the things that are hard, take planning, or are new, in order to grow beyond what mediocrity promises.

And so each day I choose.  And so do you.