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IMG_1837 Page 3 IMG_1816 Happy belated Easter!

We have had a wonderful week of transitioning from adventures + family in NYC to Easter + family back in Pennsylvania.

I've been excited to finally make some simple linen Easter egg-hunt baskets for my youngest three this year.  The morning before we left for NYC I quickly finished sewing off the last basket.  I left the simple initial embroidery for Sunday morning when the house was still quiet from sleeping-in, worn out travelers.


My kids enjoyed their first Easter egg hunt with their out-of-town cousins in years.   The pictures tell it all.  And the little linen baskets held up well to swinging, twirling, and the load of filled eggs.  We watched our Church's annual worldwide conference, went on sunny walks, and spent the whole day at Grandma + PaPa's.  A wonderful family Easter.

I was inspired by these cute mini linen baskets but they were way too small.  So I made up my own pattern for the bags using linen, heavy-duty iron-on stabilizer interfacing, lace trim, and some vintage fabrics for the handles.  They turned out simple and sweet, just the way I wanted them to be.

I hope you had a special weekend with your loved ones as well.


(Wanna see highlights from our family adventures in NYC?  Check out my Instagram feed @nshiffler.) 


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