the weekend

IMG_3900 I'm looking forward to today and the warm weather that promises here in PA.  We had a special weekend with friends--friends that my daughters fell in love with immediately.

IMG_3852 IMG_3879 IMG_3848

{Caroline's little gifts she made them throughout their visit .}


{How fun to have another photographer in the house.}

On another note, yesterday I was interviewed by Earth Mama about Yoga for Congo Women that is coming up fast!  If you're new to the Congo event, you'll learn more about what donations and participation can do for a suffering woman in the Congo.  If any of you readers, especially locals, are planning to attend Yoga for Congo Women April 29th, register soon!  You can register for the discounted rate by the 8th of April.

I hope you have a great start to the new week.  It is April!