the weekend

IMG_9400 This weekend we've been enjoying many of our frozen blueberries from summer.  I'm trying to experiment with alternative sweeteners (with my pledge to no refined sugar) which was no excuse for why I somehow missed sweetening the blueberry muffins.  Bobby and I noticed but the kids kept those muffins coming, not caring in the least that they were technically blueberry biscuits.  It is rewarding as a mother when I notice their tolerance for less sugar (or none!) in a world of sickening sweet.  Apparently just the sweetness of the blueberries was quite all right for them.

IMG_9328 IMG_9346

Some of the joys of Christmas still remain quite visible with new things scattered around the house.  I'm a little jealous with what pop-beads have become since I had them as a little girl.  They've been played with at the table for hours and taken to a neighboring town to be played with by her cousins, as well.  They can also be found from time to time in Ainsleigh and Annabelle's mouths, with huge grins on their faces.


And the groupings of thank you cards from Christmas can be found around, some with postage, some unfinished, some with full color illustrations from Caroline of what she received from that person.  This year we've introduced Johanna's hand (through drawings) to the thank you cards.  I've been feeling the need lately to update our collection of notecards to better represent our family now.


Thankfully, Saturday morning blueberry pecan pancakes were a hit by everyone.  Maybe because that is Bobby's department; pancakes and waffles.  This is my week to really bake with agave.  It is such an incredible sweetener.  I'll be happy to share once I get it down.

And how about you... winter baking or remnants of Christmas present in your home?