the weekend

IMG_8889 We had a pretty eventful weekend.

The cookie exchange Friday night which was enjoyed late into the night.  Bobby bought a car all the way in North Carolina, picked it up and drove it home all in one day, Saturday.  And Caroline and I went to the Nutcracker with her grandmother and great grandfather that same day.

By the time Bobby drove in to the driveway late Saturday night, we were both pretty exhausted.  But, oh, how magical it was watching Caroline watch the Nutcracker for the first time!


This is an exciting upcoming week anticipating Christmas.  I have much sewing to do while Caroline and Johanna sleep.  And that is really all that remains for my Christmas gift making--lots of sewing.   There has also been sewing going on over the weekend for Caroline's handmade gifts she's giving as well.  Some of those gifts I can't wait to share.

Tomorrow will be the opening day for the special giveaway I have for this Christmas season.   See you back tomorrow!

the sleepy time gal