the weekend




{Revisiting the hand-print turkey cookies we made when the twins were babies--this time using this excellent almond flour (with a little cream cheese + almond extract) decorating cookies.}





{Family pictures.  Somehow, with me behind the camera--never a delightful experience posing your own people, setting up the shot, and racing down the hill to "jump in".  But I love being the one to sit down to edit them after all is said and done .}


{Always looking for ways to spice up the weekly breakfast yogurt bowls.  PB + jelly yogurt bowls were a hit with a heaping TBSP of low sugar strawberry jam + chopped, salted peanuts.  I add a little splash of half and half or milk to the kids' greek yogurt since its so thick.} IMG_5966

{What would the weekend be without this little one.  Finding new, warm places to sleep during the day, being carted around, and going crazy over the new house plant.  If only her claws didn't grasp so well into my long john PJs every single time she's in a playful mood... I'm telling myself this is the "kitty" phase.}



What did you do this weekend?  

Looking forward to Thanksgiving planning this week since it will be our first time ever hosting Thanksgiving dinner.

Happy Monday!

the sleepy time gal