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Our weekend can be summed up with lots of rain, indoor truck-crane play, chocolate cake, and watching General Conference.


Yep, it was chilly and rainy all day Saturday so we postponed Rowan's outdoor gathering and exchanged it for a morning at Chocolate World in Hershey, PA for their ever-exciting free ride (and chocolate!) + then to Costco for all the magic that can be found there. ;)

The truck crane.

I'm so happy with Rowan's [amazon_link id="B00006IJHY" target="_blank" ]crane[/amazon_link]. (Thank you FB friends that helped me out.)  Super impressed by the German company Bruder for their well built, real life trucks!  Rowan and his Daddy spent much of the weekend with a plastic cup (tied to a hook) scooping up lentils from one bowl and then "unloading" them in another bowl.

The cake.

I was pleased with this Decadent Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake; it was very moist and rich.  The great thing about making a construction site cake is that it's good if it looks messy.  Which was helpful in pouring my already thin frosting over the cake.  Because I added a little xanthan gum to the frosting it set nicely on the outside of the cake (so I could build on it) but was still moist once you cut into the cake.

I couldn't get myself to buy Oreos for dirt so poured a bit of the frosting on a few spots and topped them with whatever I had on hand: shredded coconut and my homemade dark chocolate chunks. (Chocolate chunks recipe on my Instagram feed @nshiffler.) And Rowan was very excited to see his trucks in action on his cake.


General Conference.

I've got to tell you--I needed this recharging, recentering of my soul this weekend.  I haven't felt so inspired to be better, be more patient with myself, and invest in what really matters this intensely for a while.  Our family spent many hours this weekend watching and listening to our church's annual worldwide conference from home and it truly was the highlight of the weekend.

If you need a real pick me up, here's an incredible talk about mothers from this weekend.


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