the (special) weekend





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This weekend was a unique and memorable one.  The night after our first family campout of the season, almost all of my siblings came into town to celebrate one special sister, Tracy, turning 40.  With my siblings and their spouses, we all dressed up and gathered for a fancy dinner out.  Together, we sat for hours reminiscing our childhood, telling stories of our current families, and each sharing hopes for the future.  We laughed so hard together and also felt how very rare and special the night was.  How rare this was indeed.

One night sleeping under the stars with my kids alongside their siblings in sleeping bags and the next night being nourished by my own siblings was absolute perfection.


{P.S.  If you're looking for a grain-free graham cracker recipe, this graham cracker recipe is excellent.  These were far more flavorful than a boxed graham cracker and stood up beautifully for making many s'mores.}


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