the weekend



I love a new adventure.  This afternoon we're off for one.  A wedding in Cape May, New Jersey.  With Rowan.

Using my super easy [amazon_link id="B0073WTEG4" target="_blank" ]two-piece pants pattern[/amazon_link], I made some spring pants and my first ever bow tie.  (This was a great a tutorial.)  Rowan will look so dapper.

I'm happy to have had a friend help me find something new to wear for the occasion (and in my favorite colors!) and am looking forward to getting a picture with Bobby in his slimmer, modern-cut new suit. Pictures to come on Monday because, really, when was the last time I posted my picture in this space??  It is a rarity not only in this space but in our photo albums.  :)

Happy weekend to you, friends.

the sleepy time gal